3 Blowing Me

What makes the world’s best blowjob?

Look, I’ll be honest, I’ve never gotten a triple blowjob – best I’ve gotten was double; but, it was from two girls who hated each other. That’s gotta count for something, right?

I love this video. What a great compilation. Each scene features three ridiculously hot, cock hungry whores on their knees, just lavishing the cock in their hands. It much be unbelievable to have her head worked, while two other beautiful faces slide up and down each side of your shaft.

Think about it, you can have your cock get stimulated in three different ways at once. I think three is the perfect blowjob number, four would just be too awkward and messy, that is unless she’s just sucking your balls or sucking your butthole.


Blow Job Babes – Mishy Snow

Mishy Snow is our first choice for the new “Blow Job Babes” column. Mishy has in spades what we love most about blow j girls, big eyes. While Mishy is intently sucking and stroking a man to fruition, she loves to look up and see the reactions that go with her cock sucking talents.

At 23 years old with 34D beautiful big natural breasts, Mishy’s dedication to keeping a hard-on in her mouth at the right time is unparalleled. Even when she is stroking to give her blow j mouth muscles a rest, she is contently jerking this cock while still mouthing the tip. Did we mention she also swallows with a giggle and a smile?

Enjoy these free blow job pics of Mishy Snow from Only Teen BlowJobs #12.

Blow Job Babes - Mishy Snow 1 Blow Job Babes - Mishy Snow 2
Blow Job Babes - Mishy Snow 3 Blow Job Babes - Mishy Snow 4

Blowjob Videos – Face Fucking Inc. 8

Free Blowjob Video Pics - Face Fucking Inc 8 1Scene 1: Maybe the giveaway is her infectious, fun-girl enthusiasm, or the heart-shaped tattoo on her beautiful ass. Maybe it’s her mane of golden hair, her deep blue eyes and her thick, pouty, unmistakable blow job lips. But Andi Anderson dispels any doubt that she was born to star in “Face Fucking Inc.” scenes in the first minute of this one, when she says, “Today I’m the dick sucking cum dumpster.” Sure enough, three studs, including her special favorite Sean Michaels, trade off her accommodating mouth. They encircle her and Andi energetically gets into giving good head deep throat style, even as her nose is pinched closed in breath control games. She jerks three loads into that impossibly sexy mouth of hers and swallows.

Scene 2: Faith Star looks like the brunette next-door. Her fair skin, little natural titties, milky butt cheeks and bejeweled clit arouse Joey Silvera, as does her obedience: “I take orders,” she promises. While deep-throating and choking on his thick prick she flexes her muscles for him and masturbates, till he shoots streams of cum onto her face. Afterwards she tells him that while masturbating she thought about, “gagging on a big, thick, hard cock till I choked.”

Scene 3: She’s pretty with green eyes, black hair, real tits, a tight waist and big butt, and Kimberly Kane exudes a natural sexuality. She says she enjoys getting face-fucked at home, and she shows that she loves Sascha’s cock. A deep throat blowjob leaves her eyes watering and gag slobber flowing everywhere, even out of her nose! By the time she earns her facial, her eye make-up is a mess.

Scene 4: Light-skinned, longhaired Brazilian first-timer Jessica Taylor has red china doll lips, blue eyes and a pair of silver short shorts that show off her hot ass. After much tease her face is severely fucked, producing copious streams of gag spit. Roge Ferro turns her upside-down for a pounding deep throat blowjob that makes her make-up cascade down her face. She plays with the sperm shot into her mouth and swallows.

Free Blowjob Video Pics - Face Fucking Inc 8 5

Scene 5: Stefany Gold is a hot-assed Brazilian girl with a cute smile, and she looks positively compliant on a dog leash. Paulo Machy fucks her cunt doggie-style over a desk, yanking her leash, then puts her on her knees for a deep throat face fuck with nose-pinching. After he cum-coats her smile he jams his prick back in her pie hole for some more deep throat good head.

Free Blowjob Video Pics - Face Fucking Inc 8 6

Scene 6: Limber Amy Brooke, a blue-eyed blonde with small, natural titties, was a high school cheerleader in Phoenix. Her bubble ass looks heart-stopping in skimpy, red shorts that ride up her crack, and she’s clearly excited to have two dudes throat fuck her. Her nose is pinched, her make-up runs, her gag spit sprays the camera lens, and then Amy proves she’s cooperative enough to get really dirty: Saying her biggest fetish is ass, she dives into the cracks of Claudio Meloni and Eric John to passionately tongue their assholes. These long, severe rim-jobs come complete with cock-jacking and then a fabulous deep throat blowjob. Two loads are jerked onto her now thrashed face.

Free Blowjob Video Pics - Face Fucking Inc 8 7

Scene 7: Allie Haze and Mia Lelani make an adorable pair. Allie has auburn hair, brown eyes, natural tits and a hot mouth; pretty Mia has big boobs and long hair. Both show their free spirit sharing Claudio Meloni’s cock, almost competing for it. They lick his balls and deep throat his dick, with Allie’s ample gag spit coating Mia’s tit. Allie coaches Mia in deep-throating (with choking and nose-pinching), finally sitting on Mia’s head while she’s giving good head to push it down on the dick. Mia holds Allie’s eyes open as Allie jacks Claudio’s thick cream onto her face and actually into her eyes, and even then Allie can’t quit smiling.

Free Blowjob Video Pics - Face Fucking Inc 8 8

Scene 8: Blue-eyed blonde Alexia Sky may be only 5’1″, but she’s tough enough to withstand a face fuck. On the beach in Fort Lauderdale she strips down to a tiny string bikini, then returns to the hotel room with Joey Silvera, where her cock sucking efforts produce rivers of heavy gag spit (even from her nose!). Deep-throating leaves her breathless, and her remarkable expectoration demolishes her make-up, floods Joey’s balls and bathes her entire body in a thick, slick coating … Joey even slurps the spit off of her wrecked face. He cums on her lips, and she laughs through all that spit.

Free Blowjob Video Pics - Face Fucking Inc 8 9

In Face Fucking Inc. 8 Joey Silvera presents eight kink-charged scenes that show the extremes of deep-throat blowjob debauchery. Beautiful but incorrigible young wenches submit to cock and get their throats hammer-fucked, and there isn’t a dry eye (or face) in the house when tears and gag spit obliterate their make-up and cascade down their bodies. Andi Anderson’s thick blowjob lips handle three cocks in an interracial circle-suck; Alexia Sky wallows in slobber, and don’t miss cheerleader-turned-rim job queen Amy Brooke smashing her face into ass cracks.

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Free Blowjob Pics – Angelica Love Swallows

Blowjob Video - Swallow Every Drop 6Angelica is an all natural babe from the Midwest who always cleans her plate before she leaves the dinner table! That Nasty Czech Slut Gioia fucks like a speed demon and loves to taste semen! Chelsea is a seductive Jezebel with a bubble butt and a tight little pussy that will never be the same again after Sledge stretches it out to the max! Carla is a stunning blonde cock hound who doesn’t believe in wasting cum! Things start warming up when Summer gets on top of a big hard cock and bounces that booty so she can get a hot shot of sperm in her mouth!

This free Blowjob Gallery is from one of Angelica Love’s best blowjob scenes. She puts so much love into giving good head, I want to send her a check just to have it done to myself. The way she sighs and coos during her first tastes will drive a man insane with lust. She wets this throbbing hard-on with a fine throat massage, fucks it raw, stops to get another mouth full, fucks it again til it’s about to pop, and takes a kneel to catch every drip of cum she worked so diligently for. To top everything off, she shuts her pretty little eyes and swallows in one big sexy gulp.

Angelica Love blowjob 1 Angelica Love blowjob 2 Angelica Love blowjob 3
Angelica Love blowjob 4 Angelica Love blowjob 5 Angelica Love blowjob 6

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When Cougars Attack!

cougar blowjob videos
Title: When Cougars Attack

There’s been a whole slew of cougar attacks this week. Unsuspecting young gentlemen have been waylaid, and sucked hard!

If you want to see what you can do to take precautions against being hit on by a hot older milf, then taken back to her place, massaged, and blown tull your toes curl, please don’t watch this cougar video.

However, if you want to learn some nice hunting techniques for bagging a cougar with big tits, and a nice ass, and who wants to swallow your swansen, then you might want to consider this cougar blowjob masterpiece.

Honestly, the girls are veryh attractive. There’s a little too much gagging in it for me to really get into, it’s just gross, and not sexy. But, the woman manage to maintain their dignity enough to take control of the scenes, and then things get good.

Check out When Cougars Attack, right here.

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Cougars on the prowl

Title: Mommy Blows Best Vol 2
cougar blowjobs
Studio: Overboard
Category: Cougar Blowjobs

You wish Lisa Ann was sucking your dick. She brings years of cock sucking knowledge to the experience. She knows how to build up the heat, soaking you cock with her spit, massaging it with her luscious lips, stroking it with her talented hands, all to get your knees to buckle, and your seed on her tongue.

Needless to say, we all agree that there’s something exciting about having a sexy, cougar working your cock. They’re masterful, and gracious.

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