Stroke, Suck and Tease

pov blowjob teen

I was drawn to this one because of the title. I say to you dear friends that too often are blowjob videos just comprised of straight to the suck.
That just won’t do. Instead, the intensity needs to get built up. You can just start an engine without priming it, can you? No.

This video solved my problems. Each scene, and there are a ton of em, consists of some teenage strumpets who are so eager to please, that they still bother to put in the groundwork for a mean blowjob. The nubile girls in this one don’t just drop to their knees and gobble dong, instead they take the time to cultivate the cock, to slowly urge it, layering on heat, suction, spit in an ever progressing technique that inevitible leads to much more explosive orgasms.

Take a look, and let me know what you think.
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Nautica Thorn Deep Throat

Nautica Thorn is one of my favorite pornstars. She reminds of some girls I knew back in highschool.
I love her face, it’s really sexy, and her body is just the epitome of fucakble. She’s got some really luscious, natural tits, and a really nice, plump ass. She’s got just the right amount of meat. Not too skinny, not fat at all. She’s just ripe. Ready to get plucked.

She’s also a ferocious cocksucker. She gives this dude what I like to call, and “angry blowjob”, like she’s blowing him with anger. She just fucking works his dick, and it seems like she comes close to breaking it off.

I hope you enjoy the free Nautica Thorn blowjob videos.
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